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Are you living or existing? Lately I had found myself imposed with this question. Everything had been so slow paced moving in my life because of unemployment that the zest I had began the New Year with slowly died down. Wake up, eat, find something to do, sleep and repeat. I fell into this everyday routine and it had been slowly driving me to insanity. I FELT LIKE A TICKING TIME BOMB!! “It’ll get better Michelle, just be patient”, how typical of people to say the most cliché things when you’re going through the waves of life. What they fail to tell you is that it usually gets worse before it gets better, to the point where you feel like you’ve forgotten how to swim and almost drown before you make it back to shore. I know we’re only human and don’t need to get it right all the time but it’s so frustrating feeling like you’re stuck in the same place, with all your plans coming back unsuccessful. 


On a recent ‘adventure’ I took with a friend this past weekend, he said things that really resonated with me. I found myself reflecting and thinking long and hard about my current situation. This made me remember a motto I had created for myself when the year began; TRUST THE PROCESS. I realised that I had been so focused on what wasn’t going right that I failed to see that all that was happening might all be part of ‘the process’. I mean yes I was getting rejection emails to applied posts and unsuccessful interviews but I finally had the GIFT OF TIME. I could do all the things I have always wanted to do but put off because of pressure from studies, the sky was the limit. I’d still be unemployed and financially restricted but at least I could have something to look forward to every morning when I awoke instead of feeling sorry for myself and being mad at God for giving me an ‘unfair life’.  

Our course of life isn’t always going to go in the direction that we desire but we’ve got the power to make sure it still arrives at our desired destination. Having gone through this dark phase that’s one thing I learned and how I got to come up with these 6 steps to get your life back on track.


I personally feel like reflecting is an essential part of learning. It allows us to look back at where we’ve been so we can identify where exactly we went wrong in a situation or what we could’ve done better to improve it. We can then use that knowledge to act differently moving forward or set achievable goals that’ll create a more successful turn of events in the future.


By examining and becoming more self aware of our emotions and thoughts, we are able to take control of them and have a better understanding of what we truly want from life. So from time to time we should make time to meditate so we can connect with our thoughts and emotions in order to gain inner peace… And no I don’t mean meditation in the sense of sitting in a lotus position chanting words like “ooom”.


Sometimes we need to go back in order to move forward. This step allows you to do just that by going back to past goals you’ve set and begin evaluating why they might have failed. You can then revise them so they’re more achievable


This must be the most important step out of all six because it can either make or break you. A game plan (or strategy rather) helps create a vision and mission on how exactly you’re going to go about achieving your goals. It’s basically a roadmap for the success of your goals. And in the future you’re able to track your progress through the plans you’ve set.


Ever heard of the saying “proper preparation prevents poor performance”, this is particularly true where success is involved. Preparation allows you to set out exactly what it is you need in order to make your goals a success. It helps you to be prepared for the worst case scenario and help you prioritize on the activities that’ll drive you to your success. It limits chances of bad surprises such as running low on your solo trip budget because you didn’t anticipate that you might miss your flight.


Simply do! Start! Begin working towards achieving your goals and focus! Don’t forget to be consistent…

What difficult situation are you currently faced with and how are you coping through it. Share your story


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