NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: The problem with New Year Resolutions 

1st week of the year I came across so many posts on social media talking about new year resolutions. How so many had goals to be this and do that. I found it awesome that everyone wanted to undergo some personal transformations. I mean it was a new year after all. Like a blank piece on a new page where you can start over. But what happens now when the hype of the new year wears off? Like today, it’s the second last week of the first month. Are you still hyped up about your new year resolutions as you were when the year began?

“Consistency Is Key”

What holds us back from the major transformations we wish to achieve in our lives is Consistency.The passion to leave everything we’re so used to and expose ourselves to change! See It’s easy to talk and write all our plans down about how we’re going to achieve our goals but what about your actions?! Are they aligned to what you say? If you keep doing the same things you’ve been always doing and hope for a change to happen then you’re playing yourself. Change doesn’t happen through thoughts, they happen through action. But you already knew that! What I’m getting at is that you can begin a new year with all this positivity and new year resolutions but they’re just a dream if you’re not consistent with your actions.

Personally for me, when the new year begins I approach the new month as a trial run. I work on the goals I’ve set but mostly to test my attitude and drive towards them. Before the month ends I go back to the drawing board and begin evaluating. What challenges have I faced so far with them and how can I overcome these challenges? Which goals have I failed to work on and why? What else do i need to make these goals more achievable? Then I work out a plan of action to combat these challenges so that when we enter into the next month I am able to begin putting in the work, taking note of the changes that I made.

Don’t get me wrong there are times when I do fall off the wagon. It happens to the best of us but what’s important is that we do not forget why we started. What I’ve seen really works for me is motivational videos and post it notes. If you come to my room you’ll see I’ve got this “wall” where all my plans, goals and motivational messages go in the form of post it notes. I prefer it then a vision board (I tried it before but it never really worked for me). Maybe it works for you and what I do won’t work for you. Find something that does. There’s something that works for everybody, like reading self help books.

“What you put into your life, you become”

Whoever wrote this quote wasn’t lying. Our minds are one of the most powerful and intricate weapons ever created. Every action taken or word spoken all begins in the mind. Ever noticed how you end up talking like or adopting funny little habits from the people you surround yourself with. Or the things we watch on TV and social media. So many of us have conformed so much to society’s standards and TV lifestyle that we have forgotten how to be our true selves (myself included, sometimes). And in my assumption, it all goes back to the quote above. So instead of feeding your mind with toxic material, replace it with what you wish to be displayed on your exterior.

As the first month of the year slowly comes to a close revisit your new years resolutions and try to remember why you came up with them in the first place. Stop trying too hard to become a “NEW YOU”. Maybe all you need is a little polishing like dusty leather shoes. Most importantly stop postponing your goals through excuses! Start working on them now because before you know it it’ll be the end of 2018 and you’ll be repeating the same new years resolutions talking about Nyew Nyear, Nyew Nyme. Time isn’t going to wait for you. What are you still doing here, get working!

7 thoughts on “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: The problem with New Year Resolutions ”

  1. Good post and oh so true. I have made resolutions 4 times in my life for New years. One was to quit smoking, which I blogged about, failed for the first few days then I have stuck with it for about 27 years. Next time was to lose weight, 20lbs. I was successful for about two years. Last year I tried and failed. This year I am blogging about my progress every monday after I weigh myself. So far so good. I got off to a slow start, but it’s getting better. It really is your frame of mind and motivation to keep at it. If you don’t have a reason it won’t work.


    1. I felt a little hope when I read that part where you said you were successful for about two years but failed again. You were so close! It really is all about knowing why you started and being consistent. There’s quite a few things that I’m working on myself too. Just keep pushing harder with all your goals, you’ll eventually make it. Goodluck 😊

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  2. This is a great post and I think you’re right. New Years resolutions are so hyped up and many times by February they are all forgotten. This is my first year making resolutions and I’m hoping I remain accountable. So far be stuck to working on my resolutions due to the help of motivational videos as well!


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