Blog Inspiration: HeyCiara

A couple of days ago as I was browsing through twitter, I came across a post from a blogger that had written a ‘Support Thread’. The aim of the thread was to connect different bloggers and give them the opportunity to interact with each other and show support. I didn’t think much of it until I read through the comments. So many bloggers were chatting to each other and following each others blogs. I couldn’t let this opportunity of getting exposure pass me by so I also hopped onto the bus. Looking back I’m really glad I followed the thread because I wouldnt have come across this travel blog heyciara

Her theme is simple but the colourful images and blog titles are very inviting. What intrigued me most about this blogger though was her story. I read that she quit her job in order to be a full time travel blogger and travel. I don’t know about you but I find that really courageous, something I don’t think I could ever do because of fear of never really been out there. Also when i found out she was around my age i got even more inspired. Like what’s stopping me from dropping everything in the pursuit of what I really love and want to do?

Actually scrap that! This year I aim to get out of my shell. As the popular saying goes ‘Do more of what sets your soul on fire’. I’m in my prime, so need to start living as if the world really is my oyster. I just dont know about the dropping everything part just yet. I need to get my money right first.

If you would love to know more about this lovely lady who inspired me then you can follow her blog, twitter and instagram account @heyciara. She provides tips and tricks about travelling, booking cheap flights and affordable accommodation. So if you’re looking to travel anytime soon then her tips might come in really handy.

9 thoughts on “Blog Inspiration: HeyCiara”

  1. Yes I remember the young lady. I also encountered her first on twitter but it wasn’t a support tweet thing, it was a tweet of hers that for viral. She tweeted about how she was going to give everyone every tip that could help them make sure they travel places in 2018 at the cheapest and most convenient rates.

    The tweet was just awesome and the thread got other people commenting also with other forms of help. That tweet was a blessing! I fav’d it because I will use it someday. Majority of the process involved going through google travels and that isn’t a ready option yet in Nigeria, but it’s an option on my mind now!

    Idle head


  2. Oh my goodness, her images really are beautiful! Ugh, I’m so ready to travel again. It’s been 6 months and I’m going stir crazy. And you know something, the world really is your oyster, especially when you have no relationship and children (even then plenty of people do it). But I find that the longer it takes to go after your dream life, the more things start piling up to make it a bigger challenge, so the sooner the better. As a side note: I have a featured post title Starting Late: Part One that relates to what you’re wrestling with. You might find it helpful. Go get em, girl!


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