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5, 4, 3, 2, 1… As the countdown began into the new year I felt a wave of emotion surge through me. It was anxiety of not knowing what the new year had in store for me. Actually no, i was overwhelmed with joy from the fact that the current year was finally coming to an end with all its bad juju. Or maybe i was sad… But that couldnt be it because exactly an hour ago I had found myself locked in the bathroom. Drowning in my owns tears as I begged the Lord that as the new year began he would let his light shine upon me in all its glory.

I don’t know about you but 2017 had been bittersweet. It was like I had been a prisoner in my own life. Going through it as if I was part of a circus act, showing those around me what they wanted to see meanwhile trying to break free from myself and the events around me. I’ve never experienced so many emotions like I did in a single year. From overwhelming joy, anxiety, pain, happiness, loss, confusion, inspiration, pure love, contentness, trapped, liberation…I could go on and on and on…

Today as I sit here and reflect on all the events that happened in the past year, there’s one thing that resonates with me. “Calm sea’s don’t create the best sailors”. The past year may have brought with it so many challenges that stripped me naked, turned me inside out and left me exposed. However without those challenges I wouldn’t be sitting here with the wisdom that I had acquired from all of them. I learned so much about life and myself, how far I can stretch and how much I can take. I learned about patience, faith and how to pray. Not have a conversation with God but how to communicate with him through my heart. I learned that unlearning is part of learning. I learned that sometimes your friends dont need to know everything about you, that if you dont talk for months a real friend will still approach you as if you had spent the day with them just yesterday. I learned about good deeds, they really dont go unnoticed. I learned about Karma… And about pure love. The type that would have you talk to God about them and their wellbeing. But I also learned that you can’t build homes out of human beings. I learned about success, that slow progress is still progress. But most importantly I learned about self love. We get too caught up in the events that happen in our life’s and the people in it that we forget to take care of the people who need love and care the most, OURSELVES.

Usually when we find ourselves in a deep dark place with no escape route, we tend to think that we have been buried and so we just sit there hoping to die. Only to find that we’re actually not buried but rather planted; slowly blooming like the rose that grew from concrete. So it would be ungrateful and unappreciative of me to say 2017 was completely the worst because there was some good and a lot of wisdom that came from it. Most L’s that were experienced were because of my own doing. However God remained the same through it all, and for that I will forever be truly thankful.

Compliments of the new year! What did 2017 teach you and what was your biggest highlight, let me know by commenting down below!


  1. 2017 taught me that there’s joy in the art of letting go, that life is pretty much playful as much as it’s a journey, that i shouldn’t let the past hold me hostage ’cause that causes depression and i shouldn’t be a prisoner of the future ’cause that’s anxiety but i should rather learn to enjoy the now. It taught me that the whole point of having a life is to live it to its fullest. Oh and how to drink beer since couldn’t stomach that til last year.😅 COMPLIMENTS OF THE NEW YEAR!

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  2. Thanks for liking one of my posts! I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. I can relate to your feelings and emotions in this post as 2017 was a hard year for me even though there were some good things as well. Can’t wait to read the rest of your blog!


  3. Your writing is almost magical, I could picture everything as I was reading your post. Last year was definitely challenging for me as well but towards the end of it, I could clearly see the amount of personal growth I had undergone and for that, I am almost glad for every single experience that took me there. I hope your 2018 is a blessed one and that you take us along your journey! xo


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