My visit to the Adventure Golf made me feel like i was in some exotic location. I dont think I’ve ever seen so many shades of green before. The lush vegetation, palm trees, cycads and waterfall were all a sight for sore eyes if you’re a nature lover like myself. Though the waterfall did have some funny stench that bothered me a little.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by a very friendly lady who issued our tickets. I was famished but their menu didn’t have a wide selection to pick from besides pizza so we ordered that, which we indulged in at the eating area. Then the games began…

Only 4 players max are permitted to play per game which takes up to 30mins or more to complete depending on your golfing skills. There are 3 courses to choose from, all consisting of 9 holes each and all challenging but fun in their own way. We were lucky enough to play all 3.

What i love most about this place besides it’s jungle feel is that it’s very affordable, tickets can be saved up for another day if all courses are not completed. Its also suitable for all ages so both family and friends can join in on the fun. I actually saw an elderly man playing there with his two nieces and i thought it to be quite cute.

I visited the one in Randburg known as Brightwater Commons though they do have two others to choose from.



  1. Thank you for going to the one in Fourways. For me it’s by far the best of the 3 in the province. I love that place, I really do.


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