BACK TO BASICS: Why I Started Blogging

Starting this blog, I was just testing the waters to see if they’ll make waves. I didn’t realise that it meant I had to open so much of myself to you…my readers. Honestly that has kind of been making me feel uncomfortable because I’m quite a discreet person, “closed off” others may argue. I just believe that some details don’t need to be shared with the public. You know that whole ‘A private life is always a happy life’ perception. This has made me hold back with so much and think of giving up on MimifiedLiving numerous times.
However I’m a creative and also a writer. Art and words are my constant companion when savouring my solitude. They express my emotions, aspirations and most importantly my deepest thoughts. Some of which I’m unable to say out loud with the fear of what people may perceive of me. I’d like to believe that’s how people connect though. Knowing what the other person is thinking, sharing similar interests, aspirations and hearing them say things they’re also unable to say out loud. It’s how they relate. Well at least in my opinion…

Blogging has been quite an interesting journey for me and I have grown to love it. It has taught me so much about PATIENCE and PERSERVERANCE amongst other lessons but most importantly it’s teaching me how to gradually peel off my fears and insecurities of being misunderstood, judged and rejected. With that being said I have decided to no longer hold back because MimifiedLiving was created for you! 

It was created as a place for you to come find peace of mind when you’re feeling lost, seeking for inspiration and motivation but most importantly to remind you that you are not alone as you continuously try to find balance through this life thing. Despite the fact that I’m still not where I had hoped I would be. I am determined to continue pushing and striving towards making this platform memorable and inspiring. So allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Michelle Makwala aka Mimi, founder of MimifiedLiving.

16 thoughts on “BACK TO BASICS: Why I Started Blogging”

  1. It is hard to share the deepest secrets. I’m having trouble with that too but it is getting easier and I do feel better. I’m sure you have lots of interesting, thought provoking, and encouraging words to share.


  2. Hi Mimi! Same here, I’m also one of those who wouldn’t like to share much of my private life because of what others might judge, but over the few months being on the blogsphere, I feel like I’m being more open to others. Good luck and I can’t wait to read more of your upcoming posts 🙂


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