The 6 Week Home Work Out Plan

I see people complaining about their weight almost everyday and how they wish they could lose it. How they feel skinny people have it better. Though what they dont understand is we have our own struggles too. As much as big people cant wear certain clothing items, we also experience similar issues. Then there’s ME. The skinny girl who looks like the letter P. You know big boobs and a small butt. I feel people with my body type have it way worse. 

I know everybody has been built differently and we can never be the same but these days and for as long as I can remember, a phat a** has always taken the cup! Look at Nicki, Faith Nketsi and etc. I mean i’ll be seated down in a restaurant or somewhere and a cute guy will be checking me out because of my twins thinking oh hey there. Till I get up and it’s like ok nevermind. Well that’s what I imagine happens in my head everytime. Lets not play blind to the fact that most men are visual beings who look at a womans body before they can consider your personality…

“Nothing holds you back like your own insecurities”

Don’t get me wrong though. I love my body. I find myself looking in the mirror almost everyday wondering how God knew where everything should fit perfectly together to make such a masterpiece. Yes a MASTERPIECE! I just feel like sometimes my body limits me from wearing certain clothing items that I would love to rock as they would draw too much attention to my body type.
“If you don’t like something and you can change it then do just that. CHANGE IT!”

I’ve tried doing squats and lunges in the past but the problem with me is that i want to see results now. So when I didnt (after a week 😂) I just sort of gave up. Patience is really not my strongest suit. This was until about +-3 weeks ago when I had a conversation with a friend who told me his story. It really inspired me, especially because everything he said made complete sense. To sum everything up he told me about Consistency and Dedication. Most importantly how working out had really done wonders for his confidence and self esteem.

This made me revist my body goals which resulted in me consulting Google who suggested the work out programme below that I’m currently on. I’m on week 2 and it has been one challenging journey, especially since my body isn’t used to the new routine. Though I’ve learned that stretching before and after my work out limits chances of major muscle aches and pains. I have added a bit of cardio to get my heart pumping and increase blood circulation throughout my body. And since the major goal is to build up, I’ve also added more protein into my diet as i find it quite hard picking up weight. Though I’m considering whey protein to speed up the process.

Some of you reading this may be thinking i should just love my body the way it is and stop putting so much stress on myself. Though the truth is everybody has got body goals even if your self esteem is on 💯. I’ve just decided to take a step towards achieving my goal and boosting my self confidence. Lets also not forget that working out is good for your health…

I’m still new at this so I’m still kind of taking it easy for now before i move on to anything hectic. If you’re a gym freak or know of a few tips that could help in any way please leave your comment down below. I’d love to hear from you…

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