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Letting Go. And Starting Over!!

For the past few months, I have been on a series of a self discovery journey. We learn new things about ourselves each day. It’s all part of our growing journeys and we all go through it. Sometimes we don’t even realise it until a specific journey has ended. My biggest part of this self discovery journey was learning the art of letting things go and starting over…

See the thing about me is that I suck at letting things go. It’s a me thing! I take certain things personally. I want to understand what went wrong and if there’s anything that can be done to ‘fix it’ before i actually walk and start over. That’s just how I’m wired. I believe in fixing things instead of just throwing them away. I believe in understanding where exactly I went wrong so that starting over I won’t repeat the same mistakes. Though recently, I’ve come to learn that some things just don’t need understanding because it’s not always about you, what you did wrong or what you could’ve done better in the situation. Sometimes it’s about the other person. Or how the situation just presented itself or life itself trying to prepare you for something better to come.

We beat ourselves so much when things go wrong that we don’t see the blessings and possibilities that letting go and starting over can bring us. I mean think about it this way. If you didnt finally find the strength and peace to pick up the pieces from a bad situation in your past and move on, you’d still be stuck in yesterday. You would still be stuck in that bad state of mind and emotional turmoil that would’ve prevented you from knowing how to deal with the situation if it ever presented itself to you again. Not letting go can cause more damage than good and even start effecting those around you.

“…And suddenly you know. It’s time to start over and trust the magic of new beginnings”
_Meister Eckhart

I won’t lie and say I’ve finally mastered the art of letting go and starting over through this self discovery journey that I was embarking on. I’m still working on it. These things take time. However moving forward, i have learned that something failed isn’t a reflection of my worth or who I am as an individual. And that is so freeing!

What have you been battling to let go off? Have you succeeded?

12 thoughts on “Letting Go. And Starting Over!!”

  1. I can relate, letting go is the hardest thing to do, wouldn’t u say maybe putting up a fight is worth it, just to try before u let go? Sure letting go bring more opportunities and the world suddenly becomes open again but wouldn’t it haunt you still if you let go to easily or too early? It’s very interesting this because it’s not an easy thing to do, certainly not a nice thing either.


  2. Putting up a fight for what you love or believe in is always worth it. But you also need to know when enough is enough. If you’ve done all that you could and the situation just won’t change or does more damage than good then it’s only fair on yourself to accept the writings on the wall. Life’s too short to be crying over spilt milk…


  3. in this journey you embarked, with the reflection and all, would you say in your past you have done enough to fight for someone or something that you dearly felt close to your heart?
    you say “I want to understand what went wrong and if there’s anything that can be done to ‘fix it’ before i actually walk and start over.” , how true is this, on for example 3 previous encounters have you tried this method?


    1. Personally I always fight for what I believe in. So yes i have fought for someone or something that felt close to my heart in the past. But sometimes you realise you’re fighting a losing battle. So what’s the point continuing with the fight. It would lead to insanity… I hope that answers your question lebeko


  4. can we therefore conclude that in the past when you fought and realised how deep or big of an achievement what your fighting for would be, you ran off, which leaves room to question your resolving things mechanism .


  5. a firm believer in walking away, i run away actually, Bolt ain’t got nothing on me, if things are the way they should be there is no “fighting” for any thing, once you are fighting for something, you forcing frequencies and time catches up with y’all guaranteed and guess what?? At that point in time yo wasted time and there are so many missed opportunities.

    Life is short, put on your running gear and just be ready


  6. The truth is, unless you forgive yourself,make peace with the situation and realize that the situation is over, you can’t move forward. Holding on to dead situations is very toxic and letting go to begin something new is just freeing even though most of us fear letting go because we think that new beginning might just be as bad as what we’re currently experiencing. Great Post!


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