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December Goals

It’s a new month so that means new goals. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll remember I told you about my goals for last month. I’m happy to say I’ve managed to fulfill all those goals except for writing my learners. I think I might have been a little over ambitious with that goal especially with the way my life and school was set up. Though the good news is I’m headed to the license department today to make a booking. I’ll update you on how things go on my next goals post. 
This month my goals are a bit challenging but with time and dedication I trust I’ll fulfill them.

1. Work out. I’ve already started out on some programme I found on Google. First few days are always the hardest but I really can’t wait to reap the benefits that are yet to come as soon as my body gets used to the new routine. I’m also trying to be mindful about my diet so the programme can be effective. Shout out to Allen for inspiring me to do this. I’ll share more about this work out programme soon.

2. Write more. I have more time on my hands now and I find myself waking up early in the morning with not much to do. To avoid being M.I.A for weeks and weeks on end I’ve decided to write more posts for Mimified and upload atleast twice a week or more.

3. Finish reading my two books. ‘The leader with no title’ and ‘Eat.Pray.Love’. I’ve started reading these books months ago but I never got to finish them. Some of the perks of being me, I never really finish what I begin.

4. Reach target of 150 followers.I’m currently sitting on 107 followers. It’s been quite a mission attracting new readers to Mimified. Most importantly getting them to follow and comment on posts. The biggest factor being that i dont really promote my blog as much as i should. Though I’ve been working on that. I kind of have an idea of what works and what doesnt so I’ve been doing a lot of that. See I don’t just want followers for Mimified. I want my followers to interact with me and leave my blog feeling somewhat different.

The festive season may be a reason to take some time and chill out for some but for me the hustle doesn’t stop. I believe in beginning with the new year before it actually begins because I’m not so big on New year’s resolutions. Start now! If you haven’t then it’s already too late.

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