This was one of my goals for November. (You can read up on my other goals on my previous post titled November goals) I must say, I had a little hard time shooting some of these pictures so I didn’t follow through the daily challenge as it was. I also couldnt use my camera with some of them as I don’t carry it everywhere so I had to use my phone. Nevertheless I fulfilled my goal and learned a lot about photography while completing this challenge.


I was really feeling myself this day. My afro was popping and I just felt like the maroon lippie I had on was doing the most


Forget my clothes. Look at that smile… I rarely smile in pics because of my braces. I dont know i feel like they make me look weird but on this day i wore that smile pretty well, if I do say so myself 😏


It’s rainy season so it’s been raining quite a lot. This was the calm before the storm


I wanted so bad to swim this day but I wasn’t feeling all too well. Though dipping my feet in that pool still felt very refreshing.


I rarely go out. Actually I never go out. Clubbing, partying, the night life… it’s not my scene. Went out on this night and we met these really fun, crazy people. Though they kept odering shots after shots. Don’t get me wrong i’ve got no problem with shots. Sometimes they’re needed to get the party started but I just feel you need to know your limit. This shot right here, the bartender called it ‘The Bad B***h’. It looked sweet and fruity but had a major kick that left a really bad taste in your mouth. 


This is my sisters son. I’ve grown so fond of him. Not just because I love kids but because they teach you a lot, like Patience. Also look at that face, i mean… I swear my ovaries feel some type of way everytime I hold him… until I have to change his nappy…


I’ve been wanting to begin a work out programme for a while now but i’ve got a summer body all year round so i never saw the need *jokes* but yes I’m quite slender. So the work out programme I want to go on would be a weight gain programme. I’ve already spoken to a friend who gave me a few tips on changing my diet and the type of excersises i should do like squats and lunges. You know get those glutes working so I can stop looking like the letter P *rolls eyes*


After a long day out in the big bad world. This is all I ever look forward to at the end of my day


This is my cousin. But shes grown to be the little sister my parents never got to bless me with. She annoys me and pisses me off most times but i would probably kill anyone who messes with her. I mean what is family without sibling rivalry


Growing up in the morning we’d always be woken up by the smell of breakfast my mom would be cooking in the kitchen. This was one of her favourite things to make for us. We loved it. I saw it in the store while grocery shopping a while back and felt a wave of nostalgia hit me. So i couldnt help but put it in my basket


These are my favourite high waisted blue jeans. I bougt them at Edgars. Out of all my jeans I feel these are the ones that fit me just perfectly. 


So I might have cheated with this one. It was taken a while back on a family trip to the dam. I couldn’t find a perfect shot of the sunset so I had to improvise


This was a gift… I actually didn’t realise how much I’m always wearing it until someone mentioned it. 


This must be my best feature out of all my body parts


I was clueless about how I was going to pull this one off but with the help of a good friend. I got it right


Everyone has their own thing that they use to ‘escape’. Some draw, some sing or dance. I write… it keeps me sane especially since I love to keep to myself


If it wasn’t for technology I really do not know where we’d be. This is my little corner. Where the magic happens if not on my bed (no pun intended). I’m still looking to upgrade my camera and purchase a few more items for MimifiedLiving. When we turn 1 there needs to have been a lot of growth.


I love my granny shoes. I’ve bumped into people who don’t understand them or who’ve asked why I’m wearing men’s shoes. Like seriously? Pick up a magazine and page through the fashion section once in a while hey…


Who doesn’t want money. I mean… it’s all I ever think about. Especially now since my girls and I have planned a little getaway trip and I’m thinking of going on a solo trip some time next year (inspired by Eat.Pray.Love)


I had a job interview at 11am but also had plans to spend the afternoon at the miniature adventure golf arena, so I packed clothes to change. This was after the interview at the golf arena. In my bag I’ve got a white formal bodycon dress (i don’t own a lot of formal clothes but I love white), black suede heels, my blue and white striped purse, a brown envelope which had my CV and a bottle of coldrink.

P.S- I got shortlisted for training but I didn’t accept the job offer. Lol uhm that’s a story for another day which I’ll write a different post for


I had plans for this picture. I wanted to recreate it according to some picture i saw from Instagram. But unfortunately it didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped. So yea, here’s my failed recreation


The colour of this beast almost blinded me as I saw it parked up on the road. I was walking, feeling hot and exhausted. How could I not have been inspired. It reminds me of those cars in the GTA video game


I’ve always battled to put this one to sleep for as long as I could remember. I’d even hold him in a certain position which I was told he loves and always puts him straight to sleep. But he’d always be so cranky and cry his eyes out. On this day though, i broke the pattern. I held him tightly to my bossom, rocked him, rubbed his back and talked to him. Couple minutes later, he was out like a flame. 


I remember coming home from class to find sticks scattered all over our welcome mat. I thought someone was trying to perform some voodoo magic on us. Only to find that it was these two love birds trying to build a home right at our doorstep. I actually took several pictures before I could get this one because whenever I’d try to take a shot they would always fly away. They’re still around but unfortunately they don’t allow squatters at my place so their home was ruined 


This was taken at a miniature golf adventure arena. When I saw this grandpa and who I’m guessing were his grandkids. I travelled back in time to when my grandpa was still alive. Oh how that old man loved us. May his soul rest in peace


I bought this a while back. I find them very easy to take care of since they don’t need to be watered everyday. When I move into my own place It’ll most probably be filled with plants. I love nature


I had just written my final paper for the year and the thought that I was soon going to graduate (well marks arent out yet but I’ve got faith) a girl had to celebrate. I’m usually a Cosmo girl but that Apple martini was the one. The drink with the Crystal looking thingys on the rim


I was feeling adventurous so we hiked up a mountain close to where I stay. There were so many rocks, weeds and algae on the rocks. These must’ve been the only flowers. No matter their surrounding they still grew and bloomed oh so beautifully. We should aolly this to life and be more like these flowers


I saw this at the Wits Art Museum. Still can’t get over their clean, minimalist architecture


I’ve been looking quite ugly and crusty. So forgive me for using an old pic 

Photography isn’t easy. It takes a lot of practice and passion. You kind of need to know what you’re doing or else you’ll mess up a perfectly good shot (well atleast in my opinion). I hope you liked the pictures. If there are any challenges you’d like me to take part in please do leave your suggestions below. And don’t forget to hit the follow button to stay connected if you haven’t already…


  1. The pictures tell the story as much as the words that describe them….. Good one. As a photographer myself, I appreciate the beauty and art of it. Wish I could join in on this challenge.


    1. You’re more than welcome to join. I actually saw this challenge on someon elses blog and I just couldn’t help myself but be a part of it. So join in on the fun. Don’t forget to tag me on the post once you do, I’d love to see your work


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