November Goals

Chilling in my bedroom looking at the mess all around that I keep saying I’ll clear out and take care of later only to say the same thing ‘later’. The new month has just begun and I don’t know how many things in my life last month I’ve handled the same way I handle the mess I’m eyeing right now. Time is running out and I really can’t afford to keep procrastinating everything, especially where my future is concerned. Every new month feels like a chance to start over, go back to the drawing board and work out a plan to meet the goals that were unmet the previous month. This time around November feels like a month to be on focus mode. 

I’ve drawn up a list of 5 goals I would like to achieve. With each goal that is achieved I’ll be coming back and marking it off my list. I’m not one to share my goals or anything personal but I felt I should so this in order to put pressure on myself. If no one is keeping track of my goals then it makes it easier for me to put them off. However if someone’s tracking my progress it makes me more determined to achieve them and It’ll be embarrassing having someone, all my readers in this case knowing I’m a lazy undetermined bum.

Ok I just actually realised that most of these goals can only be ticked off next month but its fine, as long as I’m putting in the work to achieve them

1. Ace finals

Finals are just around the corner and I have been so chilled. I don’t know if it’s because my CASS is looking good but that’s no excuse because we don’t know what will happen once that final paper is before my eyes. I’ve recently just drawn up a daily study timetable and got all the material I need to put in the work, the challenge is beginning as finals commence in about a week’s time. Its Thursday today, I’ve dedicated this day to laundry and decluttering my space. Friday doesn’t look too good either and the weekend… see there I go postponing things again. Monday! I will begin studying Monday *side eye*

2. 30 day photography challenge

I bought a camera the beginning of last month. It wasn’t quite what I wanted and I guess that’s why I still haven’t taken it out to play. Though since the purchase has already been made and it’s too late to return it I just have to suck it up. Anyway a couple of days ago while browsing WordPress, I came across someone’s blog whose been doing a 30 day photography challenge. It consisted of taking photo’s of different things each day and I thought it would really be a great idea for me to join on the fun. Not only is it a smart idea to work on my photography skills but I can get a hang of how the camera works with its many confusing settings. The image below is the challenge I’ll be following for the next 30 days. I’ll post my work up on the 1st of next month so you can tell me what you think.

3. Stay natural 

I’ve already mentioned in my previous post 10 Things I’m Loving Right Now how maintaining my hair has been a drag but how I’m slowly getting the hang of it. Well due to the compliments I’ve been receiving from everyone and to just give it a break from all the pulling from protective hairstyles, I have decided to stay natural for the rest of the month. I’ve never really done it before so it’s quite nerve wrecking but that’s why I’ve included it on this goals list right. Or maybe I’m just too broke to go to the salon *side eye* 

“So my hair makes me look 16. Please mind the forehead”

4. Declutter

My room has been such a mess! From my closet, my side table, study table…everything! There’s actually a little corner that’s stacked with dirty laundry. I’ve actually been meaning to declutter my space for the longest time. There are so many clothing items and shoes I need to give away to charity and numerous useless things that are just taking up too much of my space, so they need to go! Though I’ve dedicated this day off to do just that…

5. Get my learners

I know a couple of friends reading this are out there saying “what, you still haven’t written it?” Give me a break guys I will do soon. I plan on studying for it as soon as I’m done with my finals. I already have all the material I need. I just need to find a license department where I can book for the test and take it. (Update I have found one)

2 thoughts on “November Goals”

  1. On the Decluttering, a great technique I use is the ‘pomodoro technique’ where you dedicate 25 minutes completely focused on one task. You’ll find you’ll get a lot more done and not be overwhelmed because it’s just 25 minutes and you leave it for the next time. But I find, I’m speeding through it and getting a lot more done in those 25 minutes, than slow progress if I had spent doing the task the whole day.


  2. Never heard of that technique but it does make sense focusing on one task for a set time instead of spending the whole day on it, cause let’s be real a while day is quite exhausting. But I’ll most definetly keep it in mind next time. Thank you


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