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I remember the first time I came here. It was drizzling so we had to rush in incase it started pouring. I can still smell the scent of his cologne, strong but seductive. I was nervous so my stomach kept doing back flips. Yes, I was on a date…but that’s over so moving right along…

WAM, short for Wits Art Museum is one of the city of Johannesburg’s tourist attractions alongside the Constitution hill and many more in Braamfontein. It mostly features a collection of African art; contemporary and historical. The clean white architectural design really brings out the different art pieces that hang on the wall. The transparent walls that give curious passerby’s a chance to steal a glimpse of what’s on show is what made me notice the new art pieces on show.  I couldn’t fight the urge of popping by and viewing what was featured this time around. 

I think the bad rainy weather that Johannesburg experienced a couple of weeks ago might have inspired the museums feature. They had up art pieces from Gideon Mendel and Masixole Feni which both featured images of what looks like the after effects of stormy weather. Although Masixole Feni’s art pieces portrayed more of the current social issues that happen in Cape Town. Looking at all these illustrations made me realise how fortunate I am. To have proper shelter over my head, to have never experienced how it is to be poor, and I’m not talking about having bread and butter instead of cheese and palony but to actually have sleep for supper. I don’t think I could ever survive in such an environment.

I could go on and on about the depictions I saw of poverty and stormy weathers but I believe it would be much better if you were there in the flesh to experience it for yourself. The exhibition goes on until February 2018 so if you’re in the neighbourhood you should definitely take a moment to visit the museum. They open every Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 to 16:00. I know a few people aren’t quite into art because they claim it’s boring and they don’t understand it, a few of my friends actually. Personally I think art is not what you see but rather how it makes you feel…

There’s also a café just nextdoor to the gallery that forms part of the museum where you can enjoy a scrumptious meal or coffee with a friend.


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