10 Things I’m Loving Right Now (October)

I had written this long post about how tired I am of being a strong black woman because of the rough month I have been having, when a certain someone told me how depressing it sounds upon hearing the title. As much as the goal of the post was to uplift women to continue to be strong no matter what obstacles they face instead of to ‘depress’, it got me thinking… why not rather count my blessings this month instead of focusing on how crappy October has been. I mean I’m already viewed by some as one of those angry feminists…

1. MY MOM- Now you know she had to be first on the list. She’s my world. Hearing her happy or tell me how proud she is of me gives me great joy

2. MY GRADES- I’m not a top student but looking at my grades now compared to a year ago, it gives me great pleasure to say that degree will be mine soon baby!

3. I was going to say my crush/bae/whatever, but he’s been a %$#@ these days. He’s the one who said my strong woman post sounds depressing… *cues wale-love/hate song*

4. THE SOUND OF THE RAIN- Although the rain has mostly come as thunderstorms (which I’m terrified of) I find the sound of the raindrops to be so calming as it taps against my window sill

5. POOKIE- Who said grown-ups are too old for teddy bears. He may not be able to talk or hold me when i’m having a bad day but at least I don’t have to worry about him waking up one day and telling me he doesn’t love me anymore

6. MY BED- I don’t remember a time my bed has ever disappointed me. Its my safe haven. Though in the future I’m thinking a bigger one, white silky sheets with lots of fluffy pillows

7. JHENE AIKO’S TRIP ALBUM- I love Jhene. I thought Sailed out was my favourite album but now i cant decide between it and Trip. Her music just has this way with my heart

8. MY HAIR- Maintaining an afro is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I’m always a decision away from cutting it or relaxing it. The kinks and coils get a bit too much for me, though lately it seems to be behaving.

9. Uhm nr9 right. Let’s just say it’s a friend that continues to ride for me even when they should be parked… No not you!

10. I can’t think of anything else. Red wine? It’s never a wrong answer

What are the few things you’ve loved this month. Maybe it was your birthday month and you recieved some really awesome gifts. Do share! 

2 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Loving Right Now (October)”

  1. Yeah October has been a busy & challenging month…a few things i loved about it definitely have to be, me throwing my mom a surprise party since it was her birth month, finally moving out of my mothers house and having one of the greatest deals of my career.


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