#MONDAYMOTIVATION by Skhumbuzo Nkabinde

​“A Process Called Progress”

Progress is a journey of growth and development. Progress is hope and a transition from where we are to where we want to be even if it means stepping out of our comfort zone. Progress then is moving forward, obstacle after obstacle.

Today we focus on three life lessons that I want to share with you about progress, first one being “If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it”. How many times have we dreamt about having all the desires of our hearts? How many times have we planned for success and still have nothing to show for it? Sometimes it takes someone to be truly frustrated to realize just how desperate we are for success, sometimes we need to have had enough of suffering to put our foot down and tell ourselves we are sick and tired of the lives we live and we are in need of change desperately. How desperate are you for success? To go after success and the desires of our hearts we need to be thirsty, truly thirsty. We need to yearn success and not just simply wish or hope for it. Success, whatever it may be to you has to be earned, it doesn’t come to you but rather requires you to go after it with everything you’ve got, a desperate person is more likely to achieve more than the people who are just about satisfied with what they have, a desperate person realizes that they don’t have a choice but to succeed, they realize it’s either hard work or nothing because a person that does not work does not eat. Reader, let us stop making excuses and start chasing our goals, the blessed life we are all promised is waiting for us, all we need is courage and I want to remind you that life is too short, we are sitting with ideas and talents that can make money but we will remain poor because we lack that strike effect, I challenge you to strike and attack your goals and that amazing transition will happen, it will take you to places you have never even imagined.

Second lesson is “If you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO”. Before we ask, let us all look at ourselves and the life we have lived, questions that should arise are: Are you loving to people? Are you a blessing to be with? Are you helpful to other or are you are curse? If you were other people would you enjoy being around people who are exactly like you? Just a self-assessment from a neutral point of view. If you realize that you have not been a blessing to others then how can you ask others to bless you? If you have been unjust to other then you cannot expect people to be fair to you, a wise man once said you can’t make a withdrawal of love, care and forgiveness if you have never made a deposit of love, care and forgiveness for whatever a man sows, he shall reap. It is time to change your life if you have been a catalyst of injustice to others, it is time to harvest only good seeds so that you build a strong network of people who will support you and push you towards greatness. When you are fair and loving to people, they will remember one day how good you’ve been to them, when an opportunity comes guess who will be the first person on their mind who is deserving of the blessing? YOU.

Third lesson “If you don’t step forward, you will be in the same place” Simple, what doesn’t break you makes you stronger, do not be afraid to take risks and try new things. You will never discover your true abilities if you don’t expand your horizon and step out of you comfort zone. Sometimes life wants us to do things that we don’t like, things that are not comfortable for us, but that’s the price we pay for success. No one said it will be easy. No one wakes up successful just like that so everyone has a story to tell, so you doing unusual things will be your story, embrace it. Life does not contradicts itself, we contradict it, we make excuses such as “doing this will be an inconvenience” again, how desperate are you? Remember desperation makes you sick and tired of failure; desperation will take away your fear and take you out of your comfort zone. 

These life lessons are a very powerful combination recipe to success, embrace hunger, embrace love and lastly, embrace change. This recipe will take you to greater and greater heights. It will make your life simpler and miracles will happen in your life. This week tell people about these teachings, implement them in your life and excel until people make an enquiry. Have a blessed Monday and a productive week.

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