#MONDAYMOTIVATION by Skhumbuzo Nkabinde

“Obsession is a necessity”

Obsession can either be good or bad, it can be healthy for you or completely unhealthy. This week we look at obsession from a positive point of view or rather the healthy side of it. 

Obsession is a thought about something or someone, a thought that continuously exists in our minds to a point where it becomes the only thing we constantly think about no matter where we are, no matter what we do, obsession drives that thought and it can exists until it is obtained. This obsession then is critical for our growth, it drives us towards obtaining the desires of our hearts so it is fair to proclaim that for us to obtain greatness we need to be obsessed with our vision and goals. 

We have big dreams, as I said last week that we all have different paths and desires, some people are looking for jobs, others are sleeping late because of a qualification they yearn to have, and others are fully focused on building healthy relationships with their loved ones. I admit those are different desires however they all have one thing in common and that is they are all classified as “goals”. A goal is an objective that one wants to obtain, it does not matter who you are or how big your goals are, the magnitude of these goals differ but we all have the same solution that helps us achieve these goals and that is hard work. Unfortunately, not everyone chooses to implement this solution because we are free to choose. Life teaches us that for every action there is a reaction, the choices we make influences the outcome of our future for which we are accountable for, it goes back to the law of harvest “you reap what you sow”

The first thing we all need to know is that for us to obtain our goals we need to have an obsession with our work, we need to be workaholics because efforts of a workaholic are nothing below a hundred percent. Remember that love and passion may come from healthy obsession, if you are not in love with your work or even passionate about what you do then why waste your energy? Wouldn’t it be better if we all did something that we truly love? 

Something that drives us crazy, something that would make us jump out of bed every morning in excitement. Think about it, people who hate Mondays are people who hate their jobs, people who don’t enjoy what they are studying because those people wake up on Monday morning and the first thing they think about is knocking off and coming back home to sleep even more. Answer me this, would you hate Mondays if you did something that you deeply love and enjoy? Something that excites you and turns you on, something that you can’t stop talking about and something that brings you closer and closer to your goals? Take a moment to think about it again, if you woke up to fulfill your obsession wouldn’t Monday mornings be worth it? Understand please that obsession means you enjoy and love what you do and that alone will drive your efforts, obsession is what you need to deliver your level best to help you obtain your objective.

A way that you can turn your obsession to success begins with a decision, a decision to break free from all the bad habits you have that limit your success. Success is promised to you but it comes at a price, this price includes you losing friends that don’t grow you, it includes sacrificing the time that you waste staying out the whole night “having a good time” to stay home to build yourself and your vision, and lastly it includes waking up early even on Mondays to go out and seek for opportunities such as looking for investment, a job or even learning which builds a powerful mindset that can convert obsession into greatness. Now, understanding who you are and what you really love doing in very important, once you figure that out write it down and then write down the skills that you possess that can help you in creating a feasible idea from your passion. I will make an example, if art is what you truly love then art is a passion or an obsession for you, the next step is knowing what skills you have, meaning if you know how to paint or draw then you are sitting on a gold mine because if you combine your passion with your skill you can build a very successful business, you can add value to any company as an employee because obsession is driving you and you need nothing else really. 

Allow obsession to drive you, use it as fuel to achieve greatness, use it to invest in your dreams and doors will open for you, your life will be transformed and you’ll discover new qualities about yourself that you never knew existed but you should not fear being a workaholic because OBSESSION IS A NECESSITY. Have a productive week.

4 thoughts on “#MONDAYMOTIVATION by Skhumbuzo Nkabinde”

  1. “When passion meets inspiration, an obsession is born.” I’m reminded that being obsessed about your goals isn’t a bad thing & I should never feel guulty about it.Great Post.👍

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    1. Thanks you so much. Being obsessed is the best thing that could ever happen to you, never ever has obsession been bad, express obsession in eveything you do Wandile.


  2. Burning Desire to achieve something as my great guru once said without this great desire nothing on this earth would have been achieved.

    That great guru of mine is Napoleon Hill, look into him and you will thank me later

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