#MONDAYMOTIVATION by Skhumbuzo Nkabinde

​“The Power Of Resilience”

Resilience is a powerful word, it sounds nice too, and so what is it exactly? If you have a look at your dictionary it will give you synonyms which are much easier to understand. According to the dictionary resilience is toughness, the ability to recover from difficulties. That is a straight forward definition but there is more to this mighty word than what the dictionary tells us. So, what is it then this ability we call resilience? Resilience is the power that you possess that cannot be disrupted. You see this power lives within you and you know you possess it when you are able to recover from anything and I mean anything that life throws at you.
We’ve all been in situations where we feel hopeless. That very moment when you can’t shape your life and make things right. Everything you touch collapses, every positive idea seems like a waste of time. You find yourself frustrated, you find yourself feeling down and demotivated, you find yourself in a situation that no one else can understand, you see your dreams being shattered and that becomes the breaking point. At that very moment where you lose hope. That’s exactly where you need this power called resilience! 

Resilience is hope, it is also knowing that it does not rain forever. Resilience is that very moment when you realize how strong you are and you start believing in yourself again and that feeling assures you that you can conquer anything because you were not born to suffer. We look for jobs that are difficult to find, we send applications after applications, we send CVs a hundred times even when we are not getting responses, we study for exams knowing that we failed previous tests, we tolerate our partners even though they cause us pain but we continue giving love. We are constantly fighting with our friends and we reconcile, we complain about our political leaders yet we pray for them to change their selfish desires. Ask yourself why that happens. Why we put our efforts in changing the bad things surrounding and we put hope forward. By now you should understand that is it because the power of resilience takes over and we keep moving forward no matter what. 

Resilience would not exist without faith and action, the fact that we continue investing in our dreams and visions despite the hardships we face is evidence that we possess the power of toughness. The power of resilience that makes us unshaken, that makes us stand firm and brave enough to face any negative situation with confidence and tell yourself that you are never going to give up.

Resilience is a very important power that you need to obtain whatever you want. Success or happiness is never easy. I wish it was but unfortunately life does not work that way. Life gets tough, it is never a straight line, it has sharp corners, potholes and hurdles but life is beautiful because everyone is given a choice, either you face these and obtain what you want or you run away from your dream because you fear failure. Listen, you learn through failure until you get it right. A wise man once told me that a master was once a disaster! Those words to me gave me courage to face the harshness and toughness of this world, “a master was once a disaster”. No one was born a genius, it takes constant reading. No one was born a champion it takes hours of training. Understand please that its only through resilience, hard work and faith that you’ll become a master. There are no shortcuts in the success game, it takes discipline and patience to even master resilience. If you are reading this I want you to know that you are far stronger than whatever you are facing. I assure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it needs to rain before it shines so tough times are there to prepare you for greater things that are coming your way. The blessing needs to come at a price. This success we all yearn comes at a price and that’s fighting for it. First thing you need is to be happy, just happy! Love life and enjoy the process. Once you obtain happiness use your power of resilience and you will definitely obtain whatever your heart desires. The big house and cars will be yours, those designer clothes will belong to you, that job you want will come to you, that qualification that keeps you up at night studying will be in your hands, that partner you love will start showing you their love. You’ll find happiness, you’ll be blessed, you’ll be a living testimony of this great power that lies within you. You will be unstoppable! People will admire your fighting spirit, people will look up to you, even doors that others shut for you will be opened for you because you possess and express this fighting spirit, this power of resilience.
Fight for what you deserve, this week express only happiness and confidence, express hunger and resilience, your life will change. Have a productive week!

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