BRACEFACE: My braces experience 

My orthodontist keeps saying oh your teeth are looking good. Your braces should be off soon. A year and a half later and they’re still on.

The initial length of time i was supposed to have my braces on according to my orthodintist was a year and five months but it’s been three years now. My teeth weren’t so bad before the braces or atleast i don’t think they were. Just that two of my incisor teeth were positioned a bit awkwardly making me look like some vampire looking thing. Lol some guy actually claims he liked how they looked but he’s a weirdo so yea…

I’ve wanted to get braces for the longest time. As much as I feel my teeth weren’t so bad it didn’t change the fact that I hated them and that they lowered my self esteem. So much so that i never smiled a lot. Whenever I’d tell my mom how much i wanted braces she’d keep saying she’d take me in for consultation, which was never really happening untill I finally got the picture. Anyway in 2014 I finally decided OK THIS IS IT, I’M GETTING THEM so i saved up and decided to go see an orthodontist. I only had like 10K at the time because last time i had checked someone had told me thats how much they go for and boy did I get the shock of my life when the receptionist told me the actual price range, consultation exluded. I thought to myself i dont have that kind of money in my bank account and it would require me a lot of time to save up for it. That didn’t stop me from going in for the consultation though. We need to work by faith not by sight right?

The cosultation included an x-ray scan of my teeth and pictures of my face being taken, which was followed by a mould of the structure of my teeth being created in order for the orthodontist to have a pictoral representation for him to work with. He explained what the procedure would include like the type of braces I would get and the process of the teeth shifting. I was given the option of picking white or silver brackets but picked the silver ones instead as the white ones were a bit costly. I was also very fortunate to find out that he had worked out a payment plan for me so I would be able to manage the overall cost.

The process of putting them on was quite a long one. I was in that chair for a good hour if i remember correctly. They prepped my teeth by cleaning them with some weird suction thingy. They put glue on my teeth and silver brace brackets, then went in with this distinct light that drys the glue in order to hold the brackets in place. After that they placed a wire over the brackets that just sorts of snaps in place on each bracket and used a combination of rubber and steel bands to hold the wire in place.

My first day experience with the braces was ok. They felt a bit uncomforatble yes and my lips would get stuck on the brackets but there was no pain. I was given wax to put on top of the brackets to stop the brace backets from scraping the inside of my lips whenever i spoke or ate (they claimed it was expected). Also my mouth felt quite big as i wasn’t used to them yet. The next day however was the absolute worst! The discomfort was accompanied by a lot of pain. I’d always have to self medicate to help me deal with the pain so there was always a box of painkillers on the side of my bed. I couldnt eat solids either so I lived on soft foods like mash and soft porridge. This went on for a maximum of 3 days (also everytime I had to get my wire tightened).
I know for some there are certain foods you’re not allowed to eat when you have your braces on. I was told I could eat anything but not bite into anything, especially hard food. Apperantly it would losen the brace bracket if i did which they claimed costed R100 for each that I had to get replaced. So i was adviced to cut my food up into small bite pieces instead so it’s easier for me to eat. I’m a little rebel though so I didn’t listen. I mean did they really expect me to cut up the meat on chicken wings so its easier for me to eat? Does that even makes sense? Naah that sounds crazy if you ask me. I wanted to enjoy my food, suck on those bones till there was nothing left lol! You can guess what happened when I did this… Yep! I ruined my brace brackets, especially on my back molar and bottom incisor teeth. Never paid the 100bucks though. Ain’t no one got time for that!

I’m on elastics now. Apparently they’re supposed to help me with my bite. I hate them so much! They’re so uncomfortable, I can’t open my mouth wide enough when I talk and I feel like sometimes they give me a lisp. On some “The party was lithh…” They also draw in so much attention that sometimes i come across perverted randoms who will be outchea asking me censored questions that i cant share for the sake of my blog. So whenever i smile I usually hide my mouth with my hand to avoid drawing in too much attention or unnecessary comments. However I’m very happy I’m on the last phase of removing my braces.

For those of you who are considering getting braces. I would advice you to do your research first about the orthodontist you’re thinking of using and the costs involved e.g. consultation, the actual braces and wisdom teeth extractions as I was told to remove all four. This will help fully prepare you moving forward and limit cost suprises. For those of you wondering about the price range, it’s +- 30K but will obviously depend on your dental structure, consultation fee, possible wisdom teeth removal and dentist fees.

Are you considering getting braces? Have you already gone through the experience? Share your story! If you have any further questions regarding my braces experience, please feel free to ask me anything!

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