As I reflect back on the previous month and give thanks to the one above for all the blessings the month of August had brought for me, I can’t help but think back to the women seminar I attended on the 17th of August. Though the invitation was themed as a high tea and we had to dress presentable. Most if not all were dressed quite casual with sneakers and a sweater. I almost felt out of place as I was looking a bit formal but remembered a quote I once came across sometime ago that says “It’s better to be overdressed than under dressed”. This is a ‘positive’ post so I’m going to leave the part where even though I was ‘overdressed’ I was quite underdressed for the weather. There was a cold front so I froze my little ars off…

Nonetheless it was great seeing so many women who took their time to come and support the initiative. Most specifically seeing the guest speakers from different backgrounds share their experiences in order to uplift and empower the women that were there. As they shared the difficulties they had to encounter along the way to achieve their dreams, I began looking at my problems as minor setbacks seeing that they are nothing compared to what these women had to endure. I wish all women reading this could have been there to witness what I did because words and this post won’t be enough to cover all that was shared or the emotions that were triggered from the programme. 

One of the guest speakers claimed that as black women, we are at the bottom of the hierarchy. We need to work twice as hard to be as good as the rest. This is because most of us unlike Miss Suzan Van der Merve (whose name I completely made up), do not have trust funds from our parents that’ll help sustain our standard of living. Obviously I don’t speak for all black women as there are Miss Thando Khumalos who I’m sure can relate to Miss Van Der Merve’s situation. Though think about the mama who wakes up every day at 5 am in order to sit at the corner each morning to sell fatcakes or the one who wakes up to go clean another woman’s house or sweep the streets. 
Chances are they are doing all that so they can be able to provide for their families but most important to put their children in better schools than they were in to help them receive the best education and live a life that will be better than theirs. I mean it is a known fact that most of our grandparents and parents were deprived an opportunity to strive for what they wanted to pursue in life, due to our government regime and harsh policies that were implemented against them.  Therefore it is their mission and ours to change the status quo and challenge ourselves in ensuring the improvement of our future generation.

As black women we need to continue to aim higher and work harder. Look back to the powerful women in the world and in our lives who make means to prosper and then draw strength from them. That way we can have more women like Michelle Obama, Thuli Madonsela and Oprah Winfrey who made it possible for women to be recognised as leaders. Excuse my focus being on black women this Monday Motivation but I am a black woman from the black community and felt the need to bring up these issues as they are our daily reality. I‘m sure many other black women can attest to this.
So going forward I urge every black woman reading this to not only use women’s day/month to recognise their strength as women. It should be a daily devotion! Continue striving and being unapologetic about what you feel you deserve. Don’t just tell people about what you’re doing; let them see the fruits of your labour. Most importantly let’s stop with the pull her down syndrome and rather use that energy to empower and support each other. We are coming for every blessing that has our names on it, even our parents who are working a minimum wage.

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  1. Black women!!! Amazing post and wish more black women can see this, as much as all women need inspiration to rise above everything(which they already do), black women need this type of inspiration to remind them of the greatness they have.

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