Its Wednesday. A day different women are appreciated all across the globe through social media. Last night browsing on the net, i came across this lady’s instagram posts and i couldnt help but want to write about her. I’m talking about Asiyami ‘All things goals’ Gold. Or atleast thats the name I know her by.

Most of you may have seen her pictures on social media platforms, most specially Instagram. Well thats where I personally discovered her sometime last year. She was one of those whose pictures I liked but never really took much notice of, until the beginning of this year. I believe it was actually this picture above that caught my attention. I’m a huge wanderlust who if you’ve read my previous post FlowerChild you will know that I’m deeply in love with nature. So when I was browsing through Twitter and came across this image, I decided to stalk her. Little did I know that I already follow her on Instagram. Just a little disclaimer I stalk almost everyone i come across in my life. So much so that I sometimes find myself on peoples accounts that have got no relation to the person I was initially stalking. I’ve most probably stalked you too.

This Nigerian born blogger and creative is all type of goals. Hair goals, make up goals and travel goals. I remember reading her story some day on one of her posts. Apparantly she was in nursing school when she decided that it just wasn’t the right career path for her, so she dropped out and moved to New York. That resulted in her parents disowning her, especially her father because we all know how parents believe so much in education. I guess they just feel that we can’t get anywhere without it, forgetting that we are the new millennial. We can turn the Impossible into Possible and Asiyami is quite the proof as she’s now an art director.

I could go on and on about why she’s an inspiration but I’ll leave that to you to make your own research. So visit her blog @ or her Instagram @asiyami_gold which will give you a sure case of wanderlust as it show cases all the exotic locations shes been to. 

Images courtesy of Instagram @ asiyami_gold

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