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โ€‹I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I started blogging. Some even trying to discourage me by saying I won’t get the exposure that I need because I’m a lifestyle blogger, not a style blogger. Apperantly fashion bloggers are what’s big in the social media industry at the moment. Then for those few I’ve told to check out my blog and follow it if they like what they see. I can always sense from their replies or facial expressions that they most probably feel mimifiedliving is a complete waste of their time.

It used to get to me, to the point where I started doubting myself and actually believing that maybe I really am not good enough for the blogosphere. Like who am i that cant even get over a thousand followers on Twitter or Instagram to think that i’ll succeed with blogging. I should just quit now and focus on completing my degree as it is my final year anyway.

Though I thought about all the great influencers in the world, especially bloggers and instagram famous people. Where did they start? Were they not like me? I can assure you that none of them have had it easy. They’ve had to deal with so much negativity from people who didn’t believe they had the ability to be where they are today. They came across so many challenges to gain the exposure that they have today. However they didn’t allow that to stop them, they continued to immerse themselves in their goals and persisted towards achieving them. Their character of showing resilience in the face of adversity was what paved their way to become victors.

So today on this last monday of the month i would just like to encourage you to continue believing in yourself. Stop worrying about THEM! People will always have something to say wether you’re doing a bad or good deed and most times it wont be anything uplifting. Its literally up to you to decide what you’re going to do about it. Are you going to let all the negativity act as a permanent setback from what you believe in or are you going to pick up the rocks that are thrown at you and start paving your way to the top. Personally I am going to continue doing me and writing content for mimifiedliving. Everything else is just background noise. I may not get the exposure that I need tomorrow or 5 months from now but one new follower or viewer makes me one step closer to where I need to be.

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3 thoughts on “MONDAY MOTIVATION: Forget about THEM”

  1. Aww, you’ll be fine dear. I felt the same way when I started blogging because my niche is on the opposite side and I wanted to be creative about it. Anyway, I’m happy I went on with my goals, and for me it’s not even about having a million followers, but it’s just having a platform to express my ideas and follow my passion that excites me the most. There will always be down times but passion will keep you going. All the best!


    1. Passion is also what drives me to continue blogging even with the negative energy from people.
      I actually just checked out your blog. It’s pretty awesome. How long have you been in the blogosphere?


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