STORY TIME:Worst Date Ever

Saturday night and I’m all cuddled up in bed watching movies, while other people are out making bad decisions. Anyway I was browsing through Twitter when I came across a tweet where the person was complaining about a date they were on. This made me reflect on a date I once went on with a certain guy and it also wasn’t so great. So I thought it would be fun to share…

I had been single for a while so my friend and her then boyfriend thought it would be a good idea for them to play match maker. I had no problem with that as I’m quite an open minded person. The only problem is this guy they were trying to hook me up with had already made it to the friendzone list. He didn’t even need to make a move for me to know this, I could already tell…
Anyway we exchanged numbers and he calls me up the next weekend to take me out for dinner. Everything in me wanted to say no but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give him a chance. Perhaps my judgements about him might have been wrong. I get ready; not too sure where exactly he was taking me, I dress smart casual. Guy rocks up in a three piece fitted suit and pointed toe shoes. You’d swear we were going to some high class event. He looked good though! 

The night starts off real nice. He’s opening my door, pulling my chair and offering his jacket because of the chilled weather, though the conversation was a bit dull. If he wasn’t talking about football, or his work issues, he was talking about politics. I mean I appreciate a man who’s intelligent, interested in current affairs and whose work driven but this was really not the time to be complaining about a work project or the government.

Just before we finish our food he claims there’s this really cool place he wants us to check out. Me being spontaneous and all I agree. Turned out to be some ratchet place with music so loud you couldn’t even hear yourself breath. Worst part was it was really jam-packed so we had to stand the whole night, he didn’t seem to mind at all though. He was dabbing, ney neying and doing the stanky leg all over the place. So much so that people around even opened a mini circle for him to cheer him on, on some “Oh yeeeeebo!” Talk about the life of a party! You’d swear we were not there together. Ok i kinda pretended we weren’t, it was embarrassing. The whole time I kept thinking to myself “I am never, EVER going out with this guy again”. You’re probably wondering why didn’t I just call a cab and go home. Trust me that thought crossed my mind but you see the way a student budget is set up…

Eventually he saw how annoyed I was and I told him to take me home. As we said our goodbyes by my doorstep I could tell he was coming in for a kiss but I dabbed it off with an awkward hug. There was no way he deserved a kiss after the night he made me have. From that day on I vowed that whenever I go out whether on a date or with friends, I would make sure I have enough for cab money back home…even with my student budget!

If you have any interesting worst first date stories or tips for dates? Then please, do share… Those of you who love reading my posts and would love to stay connected. Then please hit the follow or subscribe button below. See you on my next post…

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