The light reflecting through the white tent blinded my eyes as I sat down to begin with my counselling. Finally a male counsellor for a change, maybe it’ll be less awkward since women are so judgemental, I think to myself. Ok I take that back. He’s literally staring at me as if he can see right through my soul on some yaaaah go monate, di poppe sal dans today. 

I understand nurses need to counsel you before giving you your results but don’t you just hate it. All I ever think in that moment is just give me my results so I can get out of here already. Which got me thinking… So many of us feel so comfortable talking about body counts, eating it like groceries and how foreign men/women can get it but when it’s time to talk about real hardcore topics like HIV/AIDS we always steer away from the topic. Why? Is it because we know that most sex related life choices we make are reckless or that we just feel our status shouldn’t be anyone’s business, with the exception of our partners?

HIV/AIDS has grown to be a huge epidemic that claims the lives of our loved ones each day across the globe. And when asked why we all usually come up with the same answer, the famous “because there is no cure” line. Honestly speaking to me that is just an excuse. There is so much information that can help safeguard our health against the virus and tools that have been designed too (yes I’m talking about condoms) yet we don’t really use them. It’s about time we faced the truth about this matter. The biggest factor that has led the HI virus to spread at the rate that it has is because we have been irresponsible and arrogant…amongst other things. Pardon my labelling but I’m just sharing my 2cents on what i think about the matter. The only way we can truly win this battle against the virus is if we all stand together as one unit and begin taking all the precautionary measures that have been provided and are needed in order to limit our exposure to the virus.

HIV/AIDS should no longer be a topic to shun away from, especially when some of the lifestyle choices we make expose us to so many risks related to it. After all it was our late president Mandela who said the only way to make HIV/AIDS appear like a normal illness is to give publicity to it and not hide it, in doing so people will stop regarding it as something extraordinary.


  1. A wonderful and thought provoking post, the more we acknowledge HIV and it’s impact on society, I think the closer we are to actually overcoming this epidemic. We need to better our choices and act more responsibly as a collective. Great post.

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  2. This is a good blog.
    One thing I learned in life as an adult is People don’t like talking about the truth when it’s something bad or negative such as HIV/AIDS, Racism, Politics, Unwanted Pregnancies, rape, Corruption etc.
    When we are victims to evil people tend to speak up wanting attention and wanting others to feel sorry for them.
    As soon as people are making reckless choices, causing harm to others or making stupid mistakes that shouldn’t then all of sudden people wanna keep their mouths shut and ignore the truth.
    Most people only accept the truth when it’s positive


    1. You hit the nail on the head! And that is the reason why the world continues to be a messed up place to live in. We need to change our lifestyle choices and start acting right so we can set a better example for the future generation. Thanx for your insight

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