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A Taste Of Ethiopia: Little Addis Cafe

Beautiful African artwork hanging on the orange walls greet you as you make your way in this small Ethiopian haven by the name Little Addis Cafe. A waitress carries out an interesting colourful dish to customers on a table nearby, so we ask to browse the menu. It’s quite basic, with not much options to pick from but the prices look very affordable.

As a major food lover i hate making bad food decisions that result in distasteful disappointments, so i order the Lamb tibs. It seems like a safe choice as the picture on the menu displayed it as a lamb stew. I was right, only its served with tomato salsa and curry powder on the side and served over a large white looking pancake which the waitress called ‘injeera’. I wondered why a spoon wasn’t served only to realise you’re supposed to use your hands. As I dug in I was taken by taste of the injeera. It was soft on the tongue like pancake, only it tasted a bit sour. The taste grows on you however. The lamb tibs on the other hand were just basic, like any ordinary lamb dish only with a rich curry flavour.

I dont know if its because of the chilly winter weather, but the place is too quiet… with soft music playing in the background and the smell of incense burning in the air. Although i had a different expectation of how the food would taste i’m glad I got to experience a little taste of Ethiopia.

Any interesting dishes you’ve tried out before? How was your experience i’d love to hear all about it!

2 thoughts on “A Taste Of Ethiopia: Little Addis Cafe”

  1. Ethiopian food is truly amazing with the great sour taste of injera, I once had a dish called Shiro from Little Addis. A divine dish of what we generally know as a chickpea soup but theirs is thick and very delicious.


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