Top 5 Favourite South African Instagrammers

You know that moment when you log on to instagram and you try convince yourself that you’ve only logged on just to post your recent pic and log out. But then you find yourself on Leratos friends cousin cousins feed, stalking people who don’t even know you exist. That was me at 10pm, its almost midnight now. According to instagram most of you have very interesting fun lives and expensive taste. I wonder why I didn’t get the memo to such a life… Anyway here’s a list of 5 of my favourite South African female instagrammers.


I dont think theres any pic that I don’t like on kefilwe’s feed. Her style is so impeccable. She exudes of elegance and class. I’m always reminded of the woman I’d like to be whenever I browse through her posts.

Look at that body. No like really look at it. Isnt she just amazing. This fitness bunny, or atleast thats what she calls herself literally inspires me to go to the gym everytime I come across her posts. I would die for a godly body like that.

I’ve always loved lulama since I discovered her on tumblr. She has grown so much over the years and so has her style. Her instagram feed is so carefully curated to suit her colour scheme and palette. You’d swear she’s created aesthetics.

Neema is all about simple aesthetics. Her feed is so clean and simple. She literally makes drinking coffee look like art, i love it. And she’s hair goals.

‘The queen of crop tops’, I absolutely love vanessa. She’s actually on top of my favourite instagrammerslist. Besides her flawless brown skin, I find her to be so original. She loves to keep her make-up at a minimal usually with a bold lip and has a tomboyish feel to her style. I love that she loves food and travelling. I kinda see myself in her and there’s just something about her smile that’s so welcoming.

So there you have it. A few of my favourites. You can also check out my account @michelle_makwala, hala at your girl once you’re there

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Favourite South African Instagrammers”

  1. Mimi you have a great friend in your life, he pushed us to check out your blog and its absolutely amaaaaazzzing!!! I love,love,love this post!!!❤❤❤ Definitely going to be a fan.

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