Men Are Trash

The #MenAreTrash has probably appeared on my Twitter timeline about a million times since last year. With so many men defending themselves and trying to justify as to why they’re not trash. Some even going to the lengths of trying to turn the blame on women by claiming women themselves are trash or that women are the reason they’re trash, as if women aren’t blamed enough by society. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to promote this logic that men are indeed trash because of the fact that I’m a woman. No, I’m just merely trying to shed some light as to why so many women may feel men are trash.

From the beginning of time women have been and are still victims of patriarchy. We literally get blamed for so many things whilst being the victim. It has become so bad that we are even literally blamed for putting ourselves in situations that trigger men to act violently and selfishly. I don’t use the word ‘selfishly’ loosely as the actions involved do indeed display inconsiderate behaviour towards women. I mean think about it. Women get abused by men and are blamed for doing something that might have provoked them. They get raped and are blamed for wearing skimpy revealing outfits. They work their way to being successful and are accused for sleeping their way to the top. They get killed and still get blamed. For not being vigilant. VIGILANT?! Women literally live their lives everyday being vigilant. At their work place, at school and even in the comfort of their own homes. Fearing for their safety because the men who are supposed to love and protect them are in fact the ones inflicting harm. What’s worse most law enforcement positions are populated by men who instead of ensuring justice is served, turn victimised women away by making them feel like domestic disputes are a minor issue.

Instead of society teaching men to control themselves and step up, they’re too focused on painting the real victims in the situations as the cause to the problem. Obviously I don’t speak of all men in this equation as some do indeed have better intentions than others. However how many actually stand up for women upon hearing that their friends put them in threatening situations? So it’s ok to laugh over a few beers talking about how Lerato and Chantel have a phat a** and can get it but you can’t talk about how it’s wrong to abuse and rape? See why women are mad, because men continue to be women’s worst enemies.

The men are trash trend is not an attack on men or a way to insult them. It’s a revelation for men to see just how unsafe their sisters feel in environments that expose them to men. It’s an invitation for them to start changing their patriarchal mindsets and start owning up. Men are Trash is a revolutionary movement to the emancipation of women. So instead of men trying to shift blame, why not stand together with women to help bring about change.

10 thoughts on “Men Are Trash”

  1. This is great insight on the topic, and I believe I received a different view on how I feel about. I like how you are not entirely blaming but addressing the issue at hand with utmost precision.


  2. As a feminist who believes all people are equal and not necessarily that women are superior, Im against this logic in all factors…women make themselves vulnerable to the dominance of men and thus resulting to us blaming them for not acting right. I hate men with a passion even but I think we gave them too much attention and time that we forgot that we are great on our own.Thank God we can now have kids without them. Loving your blog.


    1. You’re quite right. Too many women are still giving men too much power over them. But I guess that’s the ramifications of living under patriarchy, women have been programmed to submit to men even in unfair situations.


  3. I do love this blog and it’s accurate.
    Problem is men and women point the blame at each other instead of trying to come together and be better for our future generation.
    Women say Men are trash
    Men say Women are trash

    At the end of the day Some Men and Women are trash
    Some Men and Women are worthy human beings that deserve better.

    I’m not disagreeing with at all and I love your blog it’s accurate and so understand where you are coming from but the men that have good intentions and know how to treat a lady are usually the ones that get treated by trash by some females or get ignored like junk mail.
    Some that are considered trash at one point were good men but that got hurt and used by a woman so becuase of that they seek revenge on other women and hate all women. I won’t lie to you I got hurt once and I swear I almost developed a grudge towards females, but I prayed to God and I stopped myself from developing hate becuase one trash female doesn’t define the while female population.
    And you are right fenales do get judged alot quicker and females do get blamed for everything and females don’t get the indepence that they deserve like men do. So now I am understanding more on where women come from.
    But I just hope women have to understand where men come from as well one thing I do believe in certain things men have more pressure than women.
    Men have to be the one to protect his family and provide for his family, teach their sons how to be men, learning how to charge and take control. Alot of times in relationships when a break up or divorce occur men before people actually find out the facts, men usually do get blamed.

    All I’m saying is there are times when men and women are blamed for everything and there are times when men and women get away with everything it just happen in different ways.

    I agree with everything you said so I’m not criticizing you at all just want you to understand where I’m coming from
    Sorry for long response btw


    1. I think the main reason why men and women are still pointing fingers at each other instead of working towards eradicating this logic is because they take this ‘trash’ statement very personally. They feel attacked… and nobody likes it when a finger is being pointed at them especially when they believe they’re innocent in a matter. And for some, they dont realise that most people promoting the logic are most probably promoting it because they’re still hurting from their past or current experiences.

      In terms of some women treating the guys with good intentions as trash and vice versa. It also goes back to past experiences. They probably met someone who seemed to have good intentions at the time only to credit the ‘men/women are trash’ logic by acting like a dushbag. So that then has programmed them to qualify every man/woman as being the same even though they might have good intentions. Fear holds them back or like you said they’re making the other person pay for the others mistake.

      I’m glad that when you got hurt, instead of qualifying all women as being trash you instead prayed about it not to develop this ‘trash’ logic. I wish the women who have been through the same struggle as you have could learn from you. Hopefully then, this ‘battle of the sexes’ can be eradicated.

      Thank you so much for your comment. I really enjoyed looking at this from a different perspective.

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